Wellness Coaching

We believe that for complete health and wellness we have to have the right mindset. In our wellness programs we work with you on getting your mindset where it needs to be in order to reach your goals. 

Wellness Coaching - $250 a month

ncluded is a 60-minutes in home consultation, two 30-minutes follow up/check-in calls, and unlimited access to the Animalist Team through email contact.

Wellness Coaching - $125 A month

Included is a 60-minutes in home consultation, one 30-minutes follow Up/check-in call per month, and unlimited access to the animalistic team through email contact.

Wellness Assessment - $75 

Get a 60-Minute in home consultation to find out how to began to change your thinking in order to get the results you want. 

Learn how to meal prep in the comfort of your own home!

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Fitness Coaching

Our fitness programs are designed with your individual goals in mind, each program is created for you and you alone. This insure that you will get the best results. Each program is designed with the equipment that you have Access to.

6 Month Training Plan - $375

Includes  3 in-home fitness assessment, body composition, progression photos, fitness goal setting and two 12 week training plan along with weekly email check-ins.

3 Month Training Plan​ - $225

​Includes 3 in-home fitness assessment, body composition, progression photos, fitness goal setting and a 12 week training plan along with weekly email check-ins.

Monthly Fitness Coaching - $100 a month

Commit to this 6 month Coaching which Includes a Monthly Fitness Assessment, body composition, progression phots, fitness goal setting and a 4 week training plan updated monthly. 

Fitness Plan - $75

Get a 4 week fitness plan to get you started or pasted the plateau your stuck in. 

Group training sessions are a fun way to enjoy a workout!

Nutrition Coaching

The key to any weight loss program and to a healthy long life is what we put into our bodies. Each nutrition program is designed with your individual needs in mind to get you the best results. 

16 week Nutrition program  - $1,400

Includes 8 one-on-one lesson

plans, we don't tell you want to do we teach you how to do it! 

Weight Loss Program - $250 A month

Includes a 60 minute nutrition consultation, personalized zig-zag Calorie and Carbohydrate plan, and three 30 minutes follow up phone calls. 

Nutrition Consultation - $125

Includes a 60 minutes nutrition assessment and Body Composition to help get you started on your health and wellness Journey.

Shopping Tour - $150

Learn how to shop for your nutritional needs. Includes creating a shopping list, sticking to the list, Reading nutritional Labels in your local grocery store.


Kitchen Makeover - $150

No we are not remodeling your kitchen, we are remodeling your nutrition. in this  60 Minute session we'll do an assessment of your kitchen to ensure you are setup for success. 

Follow up Consultation - $75

Need a refresher or just ready to take your nutrition to the next level. this 60 minute session is for anyone who has purchased any of the above programs.